What Makes Our Products Better                                      

  • DESIGN: We design skids and vessels from the stand point of a contractor that has worked on offshore platforms for over 30 years.  We know what lasts in the elements and what doesn’t; what is easy to operate and maintain and what isn’t.
  • MATERIALS: Over the years we have taken the most superior items we encounter and made them our standard. This normalizes our proposals and products so that our quality never varies even when clients do.
  • FABRICATION: Our quality control system has hold points at every stage so there are multiple people that verify everything along the way. This eliminates extra costs and downtime due to rework. No matter what the client’s tolerances are, ours are tighter and we don’t waver.
  • PAINT: Paint jobs on our products won’t be matched, guaranteed!  We remove all name plates, tags, anything that can hold moisture, hand brush hard-to-reach places, and we put a final finish coat on after all work is complete. Why? Because we have worked on skids for over 30 years and know what the competition’s skids look like after only 2 years of service.  Our products look like a Rolls Royce when they leave here and they will stay that way for a long time.

What Makes Our Team Better

  • VALUES: Our team is built on the same core values that our company is built on;  Each person on the team adds a specific piece to the puzzle that all fit together.  We form a complex machine that works towards a common goal.
  • FAMILY: Our team is more like a family than it is a group of coworkers.  We have several people that have worked at Top Coat over 30 years and many more over 10 years so working together has become second nature.
  • COMMUNICATION: As with any construction company, we face ups and downs in the market.  But, we hold weekly staff meetings attended by everyone in the company to help keep everyone informed.  We not only eat breakfast together, we keep everyone up to date on projects, progress and things happening within the company and our industry.  If you have visited our facility around 10 am on a Monday, you have probably joined us in a meeting because they are not optional.
  • PASSION: From the laborers to the supervisors to the management, the passion is indescribable.  Our company is filled with people that take so much pride in their work that they are constantly improving things to make the next project better than the last.  This is the only way that we continue to improve all the time.

Our Core Values:

  • Honor For God
  • Integrity Without Bounds
  • A Mind For Safety
  • Quality Without Question
  • A Champion Spirit

We strive to be the best, not the cheapest!

​​​Our new location enables us to exceed your expectations using:

  • 15,000 Square Feet Of Fabrication Floor
  • Secure Material Indoor Storage
  • Training Facility
  • 3D Pipe Profile Machine
  • In-House Sandblasting & Coating
  • 40 Ton Total Overhead Crane Capacity With 25’ Hook Height
  • Welding Stations Throughout
  • Sub-Arc Welding
  • Iron Workers & Band Saws
  • Rollers & Positioners

Part of our team at the Veteran's Day Parade

​​Our mission is to build trusting relationships while providing our clients with the highest quality service in a safe and efficient manner.

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